Business and Publicity Writing

Need someone to write a profile on yourself or your business? Do you have an idea to promote yourself or your business in an advertisement but you don’t coin yourself as a writer? Do you want to launch your own website but the thought of everything that needs to be written to showcase what you’re about overwhelm you? If you need something as simple as a captivating written description for a Go Fund Me campaign or a written business plan for a venture capital, Writing Services by Char can help you reach your goal.

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Grant and Funding Research

Whether it’s for a profit or a nonprofit organization, Writing Services by Char can simplify the process of searching for provider matches by conducting the search for you.

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Grant, Proposal, Corporate Request Letters

Just knowing that your business is a good match will have little significance in securing you funding or other support. If indeed you are a good match for the provider you’ve found, you will need to ensure that how you portray your organization or business to the provider aligns with their vision and goals.  I like to compare this process to resume writing. While writing for grants, proposals and corporate request letters might be a little more complex, in all arenas there is competition. The first hurdle is determining that your initiatives align just right with the potential provider’s initiatives during the research. Get over that hurdle— you’ve crossed over into the lane of needing to know how to tell the provider that you share in their vision. Let’s get it in writing.

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Do you do workshops?

Yes, Writing Services by Char does workshops related to funder research. Check the calendar for the scheduled workshops. At this time workshops are scheduled periodically.

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“Writing Services...has helped me out in so many ways. See I'm not a writer, not an editor and I know this. But this company takes what I have written and challenges me to think about the way I would like to present what I'm saying. I love the speedy turn around and the communication with the client and customer is always priority. Me personally, they have a client for life.” 

~Korey Johnson, Founder and President of the Korey Johnson Foundation

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"Charlotte...makes the overwhelming task of writing grants manageable and somewhat enjoyable! She is knowledgeable, professional, supportive, and engaging.

What I liked most about working with Charlotte is that her communication and relationship building is exemplary!"

~ Michael D. Francis

of Michael D. Francis Presents