“Excellent. Thorough. Professional. I highly recommend Charlotte -

She knows her craft!

~ Nikko Farmer, President of The Purposeful Nurse

Charlotte R. Beard has possessed a passion for writing since before the time she could spell what she wanted to write as a child. Charlotte, who has written business proposals that have aided her in obtaining requests during the course of her professional career, found a way to take that passion for writing and use it as a consultant to others. With over 15 years experience working in Human Resources, experience conducting interviews and having been a part of the decision-making process for new hires, she knows first-hand the quality individuals organizations seek. She particularly knows what can keep a potential candidate from getting that initial face-time with an organization—the resume. Charlotte has consulted and written resumes for a vast number of clients and been fortunate to see results from her services.

As a contributing writer for the St. Louis County Community News, Charlotte has had the opportunity to focus her writing on some key leaders in the community that fall into business, nonprofits, and the arts. Her focus is always to find the best way to highlight an individual or business in a manner that captures the attention of readers and make them aware of what they may not know. For Charlotte, writing professionally about others gives her that outlet to incorporate “creative thinking” along with business writing. 

Charlotte received her grant writing consultant training under expert Dr. Beverly A. Browning, VP of Client Capacity Building at eCivis. Following her training, she started training others to research funding and offering pro bono funding research and grant writing. From the start, her grant application work yielded a 100% success rating. 

Writing Services by Char’s aim is to think outside the box when it comes to your needs for a writer. If you need to see it in print, just give this service an opportunity to work a transformation.


To transform the perceptions of others and the personal thoughts and ideas of the client.


To aid clients in reaching their goals through the art of writing.


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“Charlotte Beard is the most phenomenal person that I have ever met in life. A brilliant writer and she pays attention to detail.
​She strives for excellence and delivers nothing less than outstanding exceptional work to her clients. Not only is she a great business person, she displays amazing character and is very easy to work with.”

~ Lacey “G Souldier” Turner, Writer, Director, Co-CEO

4 Feet Off the Ground Productions